Crystallizing Your Focus for Your Recruiter: Not Being a Jack of All Trades

Crystallizing Your Focus for Your Recruiter: Not Being a Jack of All Trades

Allen Plunkett, President & CEO of Phoenix Staff

It makes for an impressive networking conversation that you made an iPhone app that monitors and tweets your home brewing process, 3D print bottle caps, and you have a half built drone in your garage, but that doesn’t help your recruiter find a job you’ll love. (Unless there’s a company out there looking to start an automated micro-brew home delivery service… hmm…) That said, when you sit down with a recruiter, help them to see your marketable strengths and how they apply to the job of your dreams. Narrow down your many skills to a few that you’d most like to work with and hone in on.

Employers want people who WANT to do a specific job, not just ones who CAN do a specific job. Just because you have the skills necessary to be a DBA doesn’t mean that you want to be doing it day in and day out. Knowing that you have a more focused interest in a specific corner of the IT world will help your recruiter sell you to a company or hiring manager.


P.S. This advice also applies to your resume. Nobody cares that you were a barista at Starbucks 15 years ago, or had an internship before your 10 years of programming experience. I’m not saying you have to stick to the outdated one-page resume rule, but keep it relevant and to the point!

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