Gelie Akhenblit – Getting out of Your Comfort Zone and Challenging Yourself Every Day

Allen Plunkett, President & CEO of Phoenix Staff

Gelie Akhenblit is probably best known as the founder of largest Networking Community in Phoenix, After starting with nothing, Gelie has built this network to close to 43,000 members. A fighter in every sense of the word, Gelie is someone who is always intent on rewiring her own mind while helping others in rewiring theirs as well.

Through the massive network of professionals and the close relationships that she has built with people over the years, Gelie is interested serving. She has learned that one of the ways she can help is by offering connectedness and a sense of community to those who may otherwise struggle to find these things.

Her road has not been a simple one. From quitting her job and launching her own business to almost losing that business after a divorce – Gelie is the epitome of a fighter and someone who knows how to battle to achieve success. With every step, she displays confidence and perseverance that she will reach her goals no matter the obstacle.

You can listen to her TedX talk here and visit her website here.

Gelie makes a reference to her blog post here.

Find her LinkedIn page here.



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