I was meeting with someone the other day who was an admitted terrible speller.  He gave me the title to this blog as a matter of fact because even Google can’t figure out what he’s trying to search sometimes.  It brings up, yet again, a point worth mentioning.  Spelling matters.  Grammar matters.  In everyday life for sure, but definitely in the business I am in.

When you send an email to someone, write a resume, send anything in written form and you misspell or have a hot mess of grammatical errors, you are likely causing some level of frustration for your audience.  At a minimum.  If what you are writing is for a professional setting or with the purposes of landing a job, you may well lose the opportunity before you have it.

My theory (lots of people’s theory) is that it is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.  With Google voice and Siri trying to type our words, spell check, auto-correct, shortening words for texting, and let’s not even talk about the relatives we all have blasting stuff on Facebook that sounds like gibberish – we’re screwed.  I don’t speak other languages, but I have to assume these issues are universal.

Having a son in 8th grade it’s interesting to see the difference in what he learns versus what I learned.  In grade school, “write it like it sounds” was the mantra.  Yellow could be yelo and he got a perfect score.  Huh?  It did get harder and it’s getting better, but when was it okay to have a SPELLING test and get a check mark next to yelo?

He hasn’t ‘yet’ won any spelling bees, but is killing it in Geography bees.  I know that being my kid, spelling and grammar won’t likely be his worries.

Math, on the other hand – well, we have tutors for that.