Know With Whom You Interviewed

Know With Whom You Interviewed

Allen Plunkett, President & CEO of Phoenix Staff

Know Who You Interviewed With of the simplest and best interviewing techniques you can learn and master include learning the names of the people in the meeting or interview, demonstrating engagement, and sending a thank you email or note.

  • Learn the interviewers’ names. Candidates must fully prep for the interview that they are about to be a part of, which includes learning the names and a little bit of information (i.e. job titles) about the people on the interviewing team. It is not unusual for people to be added or changed at the last-minute. Candidates must prepare accordingly.
  • Make an introduction and use names. Candidates should always introduce themselves so that interviewing teams have no confusion about their interviewee’s name and what he or she would like to be called (i.e. Katie instead of the formal Catherine). In turn, as the team members introduce themselves, the candidates should take mental note of the names and if possible, write them down. Using people’s names while talking is a great way to keep them engaged and it shows you are paying attention.
  • Stay engaged; it will show. When a candidate demonstrates engagement, it shows that he cares and is interested in the company and the position at hand. Candidates should sit up straight and look alert. It is always best practice to avoid smoking prior to the interview or chewing gum, even if people on the interviewing team are engaging in these behaviors. When a candidate is asked a question, he should look the interviewer in the eyes but without staring them down. Varying the tone of the voice while speaking is also a great way to show engagement.
  • Follow up with a thank you email. Companies appreciate a brief thank you note or email from a candidate after an interview. An individual working with a recruiter can send the email to this person who will then forward it on to all appropriate parties.

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