Laurie Herbers: From Innocent Bystander to Empowerment

Growing up, Laurie Herbers saw herself as an innocent bystander. We talk about her relationship that she had with her father and how the negativity left her with a mindset of never being able to measure up.

Laurie talks about her rewired moment during a rainstorm after her father had passed away and how this led her to find God and completely change how she looked at life and heal from what she had gone through.

Now Laurie says her goal is empowerment. Her daily habits are looking at the verse of the day in her Bible app, journaling and having gratitude for the things that she has in her life. She is the author of Second Chances: How I Turned Hate into Love and Found My Purpose and would also recommend reading the Bible, When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric Ludy and So Long Insecurities by Beth Moore.

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