Episode 4: “Coach Bri” Brianna Morsa


In this interview I sit down with Brianna Morsa, known to most she works with as “Coach Bri.” Her depth of knowledge and growth mindset is inspiring. When I seek out guests for the podcast I have certain names I immediately think of as great guests – because of their inspiring stories, depth of knowledge, interesting lives and life changes, etc. Bri checks every one of those boxes – just an inspiring person all around. She’s been transforming lives for many years. From personal training she moved into mindset coaching as she realized that if she helped her clients transform their minds, they could do more than just change their bodies. They could change their whole life.


We talk about her difficult childhood and her life in sports, how she almost became a nun (seriously), and how many of those things led to eating disorders, discovery of herself and interventions by her friends and family, and how that turned her into the life coach she is today. Bri talks about her training in MMA, background in Kempo and Karate and her high school and college athletic background. She finds a lot of her inspiration in the focus and dedication in others. One of the cool stories she shares is how she relates to the Olympian Kerry Strug and how despite adversity, Kerry overcame a serious situation.

Brianna shares how she handles some of the emotional challenges people face in life and how being honest with oneself provides a tremendous advantage.

Challenges and Honesty

  • She is relentlessly honest about the more painful moments in her life;
  • Serious struggles with her relationship with parents
  • How her early goals to be a Nun conflicted with her sexuality
  • How bulimia took over a substantial portion of her life, and discovery of just how bad it became (in patient treatment and multiple interventions).

Rewired Thinking

The concept of a life coach to some creates an impression of someone who (in theory) has it all together – one of the most insightful parts of this interview comes at about the 33-minute mark. Bri clarifies how our past experiences shape who we are, but even more that they are ongoing struggles. And that being honest with others about those current struggles and sharing what she’s learned are the most important part of being a great example and teacher as a life coach.

She works with high level athletes, executives, and individuals as a High Performance Mindset Coach. Whether it means staying poised and focused in the peak of competition as an athlete, leading a team with authenticity and confidence, or applying discipline in life where it is most needed, she uses a combination of many modalities, disciplines and NLP techniques to help her clients.

Coach Bri is a Master Practitioner of NLP, speaker, writer and is deeply passionate about her work in transformation. She is currently working on creating new modalities to help her clients breakthrough their old patterns and limiting beliefs to expand into and beyond their potential.

To get more information about her, find her below;
I hope you’ll listen to this carefully and enjoy.

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