Jeremy Roadruck and Kung Fu

A Kung Fu Master and Hypnotherapist, Jeremy Roadruck is also the author of Your Best Child Ever: Is This Game Worth Winning?

In this interview we talk about his childhood and how he was determined to live a life of happiness, health, safety and solid communication. As importantly though, he has focused on sharing the strategies that he has learned with others. Through his book, his schools and platforms like this, that is exactly the mission he is now fulfilling.

One of his basic beliefs is that “we can learn from anyone regardless of age”. He discusses the importance of self-talk and shared a moment where he was caught by one of his Kung Fu Masters saying that he hated himself and how that interaction helped him become more aware of how he was talking to himself and how he worked to correct it.

If you want to connect with him, the easiest way to reach him is Facebook, You can buy his book here.



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