Finding the Right Fit: Beyond Quick Hires and Excitement

Finding the Right Fit: Beyond Quick Hires and Excitement

If you are hiring, you might be feeling confident that, based on market conditions, you can hire people quickly. You may also think that you can hire people who are excited about working for you and your company, and if they aren’t, they shouldn’t be considered.

I believe both of these thoughts are dangerous.

First, let’s address the “hiring quickly” part. Even if there are more people on the market, that doesn’t make hiring easier. If anything, with more applicants, it makes the vetting process more difficult. If you are doing it correctly, you will be speaking with more people, and that takes more time. You may end up finding people who don’t perfectly align with the role, but who make you think differently about the role and what might be required to get it done.

I have found this to happen frequently with clients and with me personally – once you start the interview process and are really forced to think about people in that seat, the role and responsibilities can change. Having more options can definitely be a good thing for you as a hiring manager, but it doesn’t necessarily make the process faster; it might just improve the level of person you get.

As for the second piece, getting someone who will be excited about working for you: Sure! Who doesn’t want that?

It is also critical to understand, though, that most people don’t have that attitude. Most people just want (or need) to work. Understand that people have been laid off by companies they were excited to work for, loyal to, and companies they worked at for many years. They may be gun-shy to get excited about another employer again.

Don’t assume that everyone wants to work for you. Be okay with the fact that some people want to work and will show up and deliver, but unless you are hiring for a role that requires a cheerleading mentality, it would be wise to seriously consider people who are going to contribute in other ways as well.

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