Engineers Versus Recruiters Part Four! Valuable Feedback Stings

Here we go again! In this LinkedIn Live session, Cory Berg and I go head to head and generate some really intriguing discussions revolving around hiring issues between recruiters and engineers.

Is it on the recruiter to prepare an engineer for an interview? Cory says it depends on the outcome – placement or success long term, and talks about the responsibility on each party to be as prepared as possible.

Cory gets into soft skill applicants and how they might prepare. We also talk about some soft skill questions.

Allen asks about whether or not some of the attempts by a recruiter are considered “stepping on toes” and how common it is for an engineer to consider talking to the recruiter a waste of time.

Cory also asks why an engineer only gets the feedback of “you weren’t a right fit” instead of a detailed explanation.

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