Engineers Versus Recruiters Part Two! Contacting References

It’s round two! Cory Berg, an esteemed colleague and trusted friend, goes head to head with me in this LinkedIn Live series we did a while back, and we had to share it with you in podcast form.

Now, if you haven’t heard round one, I highly suggest that you listen to it by clicking here.

We have some laughs while going head to head – me, Allen Plunkett, as the recruiter, and Cory Berg as the engineer.

We discuss when it’s appropriate to give references, and contact references. From a recruiter’s perspective, doesn’t it make sense to reach out to references early so you can have a good idea of the person you’re trying to selling to a company? Or as an engineer, do you worry about having a recruiter bothering your references, or worse, trying to pitch those managers with their recruiting services?

We get into all of it in this fun, spirited conversation. Enjoy!


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