Engineer vs. Recruiter Part Six! Navigating the Friction for Better Hiring Outcomes

In the sixth episode of our “Engineer vs. Recruiter” series on Rewired Mind, Cory Berg and I go deeper into the often-contentious relationship between engineers and recruiters, shedding light on the challenges and misconceptions that fuel the friction.

Cory shares his frustrations with spammy, impersonal outreach on LinkedIn and we discuss the negative impact of interrupting engineers’ flow states and the importance of context and respect in initial communications.

On the flip side, I open up about the pressures and mistakes recruiters face, such as contacting candidates for roles they’re clearly overqualified for or reaching out with positions that don’t match their salary expectations.

We touch on the concept of “fake job ads” and the frustration it causes among job seekers, dissecting the nuanced reasons behind such practices and how transparent communication could alleviate some of the distrust.

We also talk about ways to improve interactions between tech professionals and recruiters, aiming to create a more positive and productive hiring process for all parties involved.

I hope you enjoy this candid discussion as much as we did!


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