Episode 5: “Jenn-Ga” Jenn Kaye

I had the pleasure of meeting Jenn at an event a while back and as I mention in the interview, when you hear enough people tell you that you have to meet someone, you sometimes wonder if the universe is telling you something.

Jenn Kaye is a never-ending seeker of what moves people to action and she was an ideal candidate for my next guest of ‘Rewired Mind’.

We sat down and talked about her experiences as a child and how formative they were in her daily life now as an Executive Coach.

Jenn describes her coaching role as “helping leaders and difference-makers get the results they want by identifying their authentic voice and customizing their message for optimum impact.”

We talk a lot about the challenges she faced throughout her life, and what led to her “rewired” thinking.

We sit down and talk about what it takes to truly listen, and we talk about the fact that among her accomplishments is the honor of sharing the “Jenga champion” title with me!


Allen Plunkett

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