Episode 007: Troy Wilkinson and Cybersecurity during COVID-19

The word “Service” comes to mind when you know Troy Wilkinson. He began in law enforcement, became a lead bomb investigator, assisted on a Joint Terrorism Task force and then worked in violent crime and homicide. His greatest achievement during this time in his career was his skill and ability in investigating cyber crimes and child pornography. In 2007, he was recruited by the US State department to train police officers in Kosovo on cyber investigations and held many positions within the Intelligence Community. While working under the George W. Bush and Obama administrations, he was a top cyber investigator and helped the UN and EU to lead investigations into political corruption, organized crime, financial crimes, and terrorism. Alongside a team of international investigators, he created the first IT forensics lab for the EU Mission in Kosovo.

After returning to the US, Troy co-founded a company with the mission to create intelligent, automated and self-healing cyber security platforms to help protect American businesses against cyber criminals.

With the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently going on, Troy has some tips regarding cyber security. In addition to learning about his stellar background, this podcast gives you some insight into why we need to step up our game in security to combat these criminals who are not taking a vacation

He also has set up a fundraiser called Healthcare Heroes, and it is designed to give back to those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. This fundraiser would provide getaways for those “Healthcare Heroes” to allow them to take a well-deserved vacation once this crisis ends. For more information on this fundraiser and how you can give, please visit https://healthcareheroes.vegas/

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