Hannah Nokes and Creating Social Impact to Supercharge Profitability

I was very excited to have Hannah Nokes on one of my LinkedIn Live sessions las year. We talked about her book, Magnify Your Impact, a great book about igniting your company’s purpose into action.

We talked about how she came to know Maggie Miller (her co-author) and how challenges they faced in their business led them to write the book. She also talks about her background at EZCorp, and how she fell in love with the ideals of a company that uses their resources to make an impact in the community, especially in a way that can provide a benefit to the organization.

We also discuss how employees can help and how to make an impact that is real, focused, and is backed with real action. We talk about the reluctance on the part of business owners, and how we overcome it.

That leads more into her experience, and how it led to the book. We talk about the 4-step process in Magnify your Impact and how it can help your business, impact pillars, and how these tools can drive profitability for your company. 

Enjoy the episode!

Allen Plunkett

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