JeVon McCormick and the Modern Leader

I could not wait to talk again with JeVon McCormick. On our new season, I am joined by Ellis Fitch and Anthony Garone.

We dive into JeVon’s second book, Modern Leader, including a chat about the foreword written by the one and only David Goggins. JeVon talks about how that came about.

We dive into a substantial moment in JeVon’s life, and part of the motivation for his latest book. Making the decision to go by JeVon instead of J.T. (which you’ll hear him referred to in our season 1 interview here), he talks about “the broken playbook” that we all play by, and how he made the decision to own his full name, and what he hopes to see by doing that.

Allen talks about a story in the book about a drive JeVon took with his dad through an area of River Oaks, and how some of those moments motivated him to write this latest book as well. JeVon talks about who he specifically wanted to reach with this message.

Allen mentions a phenomenon that JeVon brought up in the book about shaming people for asking questions. JeVon talks about the responsibility of people to teach rather than to take the position that it “isn’t my responsibility to teach them”. 

Ellis and JeVon dive into DEI initiatives (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), particularly within publicly traded companies, and JeVon talks about how some of the intentions are misguided.

JeVon talks about some interesting examples about changing the playbook, and cites the example of the change of leadership and pattern of succession at TIAA-CREF, and how now Thasunda Brown Duckett is the current CEO.

Anthony asks about what practical top-down solutions  companies can put in practice to affect real change to the broken playbook.

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