Erika Feinberg and Having a Positive Perspective During Times Like These

Positive and upbeat; that is Erika Feinberg. Erika does corporate engagement training as well as public speaking to help resolve or prevent human dynamic and communication issues. She, in a nutshell, helps create growth strategies for businesses. Coming from a place of expertise after creating and growing her own businesses.

As a CEO and innovator for years, people and the way they operate has always been a topic of interest to her. With a background in psychology, she is able to incorporate that into her business in the form of approaching situations with the perspective of “What is the blessing behind this problem?”

Erika’s rewired moment came when her brother Gary committed suicide. He had served as a sort of father figure for her when she was growing up. Since this happened, she’s looked at how she handled that situation and used it as a measuring stick of sorts when facing other problems.

COVID-19 is happening during the recording of this episode. Erika says this is a great time to take business to the next level. Instead of looking at this situation from a negative point of view, she offered the alternative viewpoint of “What is the needed pivot for my business that this pandemic is providing?”

Finding blessings amidst what is happening at this moment can be difficult. Hopefully this podcast helps provide a frame of reference to do exactly that!

Two books that she mentioned as being helpful to her were The Scalpel and the Soul by Allan Hamilton as well as a book that she contributed to, Purpose, Passion and Profit, a collaboration done with other professionals.

If you want to get in touch with her, she can be found on LinkedIn.

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