Should You Take that Counter Offer? Should You Offer One?

Welcome back! It’s been a crazy year and while we are starting up yet another season of Rewired Mind, it’s a bit different than you’ve come to expect. This season I’m featuring the audio version of many of my LinkedIn live sessions. I considered the time constraints I have (that most of us have, really) and decided that, while I loved doing the book reviews with colleagues, it took a significant amount of time to coordinate. But I still wanted to publish useful content. After looking at the LinkedIn Live archive that we’ve built up and the interesting insights I got from those friends and colleagues I spoke with over the last couple of years, I decided to release the audio only version. I hope that you’ll find some source of inspiration or insight from these business leaders and professionals!

I jump in with Nick Morrison founder of Potere, and Teresa Marzolph founder of Culture Engineered, on the subject of taking or making a counter offer. This was originally recorded in July of 2021, and while it pre-dated a lot of the shift we’ve seen in the workplace, the interesting thing is how both my guests led with predictions for the near future that we are still seeing today.

I hope that you’ll enjoy all three of our perspectives. I think the fun part of this one was the unique perspectives that we have on the topic.

Enjoy, and I hope that you’ll join me for more of these recorded sessions.


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