Finding Adventure in Life with Stacey Newman Weldon

“Ask yourself questions and dare yourself to try new things.” Stacey Newman Weldon is the CEO of Adventure Wednesdays, a solution to better yourself.

We talk about her rewired moment, which was seeing a channeler, called “White Buffalo Woman” and Stacey was given the advice of taking herself on adventures and how she achieved that while living in New York. She talks about her first experience and how Adventure Wednesdays was started.

Stacey also discusses her relationship with her parents and how her father had impressed on her the mindset that she was not allowed to have fun and was narcissistic towards her, while her mom had always encouraged her to have adventures while she was growing up.

Her mission is to help people find out what their journey is and how they can have fun doing it. Specifically, she wants to connect with those who are like how she was ten years ago, before she had rewired her mind and help them realize that life can be fun.

Books that she would recommend are Codependent No More by Melody Beattie and Eat, Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

If you want to get in touch with Stacey, you can visit her website Adventure Wednesdays.




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