Your Job Description Matters More Now Than EVER Before!

In this episode we featured initially on LinkedIn Live, I take a deep dive into an absolutely critical topic for employers – writing a great job description. I sit down with Cory Berg and Anthony Garone, who provide valuable insight into how companies need to realize the value in a proper job description.

We talk about some of the bad techniques of creating a job description. Copy and paste from another larger company? Cory calls it “copy pasta” – nobody wants to eat it. We talk about the legal content contained in some, and the lack of understanding of what a potential hire wants to see from the company he or she is going to dedicate their professional lives to!

We dive into ways a company can overcome negative reviews about themselves, how to attract the people that want to be a part of the organization, and how incredibly different the quality and quantity of applicants can be when crafting a proper description.

Join us for this fun discussion!


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